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Lupita Rodriguez


What I’m passionate about: 

On a macro level, Lupita is passionate about social justice, including environmentalism. On a micro level, she is passionate about art, dance in particular. She also enjoys gardening, bird watching, reading, and playing video games/watching TV & film. Lupita is excited to serve the LGBTQIA+ community via her participation on the Hill City Pride board and hopes to bring an increased sense of safety, belonging, and love to this community. 

Relevant Knowledge:

Lupita has been interested and invested in serving others in her career since 2006 when she worked as a youth counselor at what was then called: Presbyterian Homes and Family Services Inc (now HumanKind). Since then, her career has evolved through positions such as: an intensive in-home therapist, therapeutic day treatment therapist, and now Licensed Professional Counselor. Lupita has also utilized her bilingualism whenever an opportunity arose. As an LPC, she offers LGBTQIA+ affirming care in addition to several other spectrums of humanity that exist. 

Unique skills & Experience: 

Lupita’s skills include counseling for mental health and speaking Spanish. Both of the aforementioned attributes feed her communication skills. Due to the line of work she has been in, she has had training in First Aid and CPR as well as crisis intervention. 

Lupita had the honor of being chosen to be the graduation speaker when she completed her Associates degree at CVCC. Although Lupita did not win any awards working on her Bachelor’s in Psychology, she found her time earning her undergrad at Randolph College extremely fulfilling and is endeared to her alma mater. She was, again honored, to earn the D.L “Pete” Warren Award for Outstanding Graduate Student in Counselor education when she completed her Master’s degree at University of Lynchburg. 

Emerging trends: 

Lupita is  immersed in the mental health world; emerging trends she is  surrounded and fascinated by are that of self care, mindfulness, trauma, social activism, and AI technology. 

Lupita Rodriguez
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